Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pick me Pick me

Maybe previous presidents did this and it didn't get press simply because previous presidents haven't been quite so dripping with awesome, but I am really digging the Obamas' decision to invite cool people to things. 

If that seems a little vague, let me give an example: the group sitting with Lady Obama during the president's speech to Congress tonight. They seem pretty kickass, on the whole.

What I am thinking is, the Obamas should take me to the next big speech, or rally, or t-ball game they attend. Then the New York Times can write up something like: "Sitting next to the Obamas were Heinrich Gutennacht, who is single-handedly reversing global warming; Ingrid Romanov, who teaches dance to quadriplegic children; Tina Turner, who is hot and old; and Genevieve Brennan, who is from New Jersey."

Is there an application I can fill out?

1 comment:

slb said...

Genevieve Brennan, of NJ, who was wearing two dresses in a brave display of consumer confidence.