Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's business time.

Um, so there is a website, Bedpost, that lets you track your doing-it. The URL is - is that a verb? As in, tonight I bedposted? Does that refer to the doing-it, or to the documenting thereof?

"Ever wonder how often you get busy?" Well, no - it's not the sort of thing I just oops forget about.

Based on the screenshots on their homepage (I didn't sign up as a Beta tester), you enter the date of the doing-it, the duration of the doing-it, the partner in the doing-it, and some "descriptive tags". Descriptive tags!!! You also get a personalized calendar, color-coded based on some value - perhaps length of time? Satisfaction? Position? Location? Partner? (Bob is dark red, John is light red...?)

But there is something appealing about the quantification of scrumping.

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