Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Word Up

Women's colleges are recruiting more from the Middle East.

Aside from the lede, which makes it seem like single-sex ed is languishing (hold on, what's Wellesley's endowment again? oh right, a gazillion dollars), it's a cool article.


nicole drespel said...

Did you effing read effing Jezebel's effing take on it?


GGB said...

"This seems like a win-win situation. But on one hand, isn't it sad that the Sister Schools — historically and culturally important — have to struggle for applicants? And on the other hand, is there something super effed up about the concept of women's colleges if religious conservatives are attracted to them?"

Barf. The sister schools are not struggling for applicants - they just like diversity (and the fact that they don't have to give as much financial aid to students from other countries).

Didn't read all the comments, but liked this one: "I have noticed an increasing population of Middle-Eastern girls, and it has made campus a lot more interesting. These girls are extremely intelligent and offer other perspectives in my Political Science and International Relations classes. They have started all kinds of politically active groups that are controversial and informative."