Thursday, June 5, 2008

What I have been doing all week.

Watching Friday Night Lights.

Seriously, that's it. I lost my voice over the weekend, and since Mike's in DC I'm lying low to try and get it back (mission accomplished). Netflix Instant has Friday Night Lights, and I have watched the entire first season in the last week. I love football (really), I love Explosions in the Sky, and, by dint of living with Mike, I love Texas. This show wraps it all up into a soapy teen package, and I have copious amount of warm feelings for it.

But I am also kind of glad that only the first season is on Instant, as I was getting a little OOC and am glad to have my life back. At least until Mike gets hooked, and then I watch it all over again with him.

ALSO, the same guy does the music as did for The West Wing. W.G. Snuffy Walden, I love you.


Jennifer said...

Um, Genevieve - I'm exceptionally pleased that you have been watching Friday Night Lights. Pretty much every episode in the first season makes me cry at some point. It's just too beautiful for this world. Let me know if you ever want to dish about Matt Saracen and his heart made of gold.

GGB said...

I do, Jennifer, and I think it was your early endorsement that made me feel ok with watching it in the first place.

Also, did you know that Ashley Hartz used to date Matt Saracen? Because it's true. Well, she dated the actor that plays him, anyway.

dethbakin said...

OMG I have the biggest boner in the UNIVERSE for Tim Riggins! He is so well meaning! And misunderstood! And fragile! But strong and hothothot. AHHH.

Also, WHAT?!?!? When and how and when did Ashley date Matt Saracen????

I am flipping out so much right now.

GGB said...

Ok, I have Hartzy's express permission to let you know that she dated him for a few months, was on set for a total of two weeks or so, and that he is not at all like his character.

I feel creepy writing this, but I'll continue.

He wrote on her Facebook wall in April and visited her here last month. There is some show gossip that she shared with me that I can tell you about in a non-public arena.

I am also pretending he told her that the dude who plays Tim Riggins is exactly like his character, and is interested in entering into a polygamous relationship with myself and my Texan boyfriend.

Ashley said...

We used to work together (he's an outdoor ed instructor in a former life) and I guess it all started the night we got drunk, hooked up in the woods and passed out using a hiking boot as a pillow.

Do I get extra street cred now?

Ashley said...

Oh, and sorry to kill the dreams, but he as a lovely and beautiful girlfriend now. But I will let you know if he comes to the city anytime soon.

dethbakin said...

Wow. I am OMG-ing all over the place. Must. Settle. Down.

Ashley, you get so much street cred for the hiking boot pillow.

And G, since we both want to maintain our current beaus anyway, do you think we can share Tim Riggins in polygamous-fantasy-land?