Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My shoes are famous

From today's DailyCandy, the first of these emails to contain anything of actual interest to me:There is a story behind these sandals. When Meg and I were in Athens last October, it was a ridiculously rainy day, we had spent the night before sleepless in a tiny ferry cabin, and all we wanted was to be back on an empty beach on Paros or in a real bed. But we had shopping to do, and Meg had read that there was a renowned sandal shop somewhere nearby, so we got ourselves good and soaked walking up and down creepy lanes looking for this sandal making dude.And, glory be, we found him in his musty shop, with his John Malkovich face, surrounded by crazy artwork, leather sandals, and a big gray ponytail. He gave us his book of poetry and told us about his dad's art and the famous people who were always coming into the shop. He and his assisant had us pick our style, then fitted the leather to our feet and put the sandals together right there. Meg and I both went with #13, "Hermes", and if I lived anywhere other than San Francisco I would be wearing them every day now. And if I had any sense, I would recreate the photo above with myself and Meg, as a tribute to the man who so gloriously shod our footsies.

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