Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Skip to my Lu

So now that I am home and able to wind down a little bit, Lucy's death is seeming more real. My parents had to put her down two weeks ago, and none of us are handling it particularly well. She was an amazing dog, and young, and smart and affectionate and drop dead gorgeous (as far as dogs go). I miss her, and so do my parents and brother, and most of all, so does Skip.

I think Skip's inability to function without Lucy is best evidenced by my father's photo below, in which Lucy is bored and ready to move on to things like torturing cats and eating vermin, while Skip is excited to be representing Ian's place of education:
Lucy: Don't look at the camera, he'll think we're enjoying this.
Skip: Hi, Dad!
Lucy: Now you've done it.
Skip: What? What? This is exciting! Smile!
Lucy: Jesus, Skip.

What a dog.

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dethbakin said...

Dude, I am so sorry to hear about Lucy. That is really sad. Poor Skip, and poor Brennans too.