Monday, April 28, 2008

One of those weekends

Usually the debauchery of weekend evenings is evened out by the Healthy Lifestyle I live by day; not so this weekend. Friday night, friends had an art show, and there was an after party that involved lots of wine drunk straight out of the bottle, burritos, and the cops threatening to bust the shindig up, high school-style. It ended with five of us having to walk several blocks back to my car; out of the five, only two (myself and Scrambly) were sober. The other three were falling down, vomiting, and speaking gibberish all over the place. I have no idea how this happened.

But! The art was pretty,
everyone had fun, and I got everyone home safely. The highlight of the night (for me) was when a stretch limo pulled up to us at a red light, just as a friend started heaving out of my rear window. The driver looked at her, then looked at me; I smiled and gave the thumb's up, as if to say, "No worries. Her insides are on the outside of my car, true, but she will be a-ok." He bounced his fist against his heart in solidarity.

Then the next day we had to scrub down the side of my car.

Saturday night's family dinner was, as a result, a subdued affair. We did manage to make a huge amount of tomato sauce from scratch, green beans, brussel sprouts, chocolate-covered strawberries, and crepes with nutella. Stuff I Eat! And it was good.

But back to our not-healthy days. Mike currently has sinuses that make him snore like an old man, so he is less than super perky. So instead of our normal hiking or biking excursion, we joined friends at Chrissy Field, sat in the sun, and flew kites. I got a hint of sunburn on the fleshy part above my knees that is going to look super gross when I am an old lady, and that made me pleased.

Sunday we went to Goodwill, where I got a badass wrought iron thing with lots of hooks that now hold all my necklaces. It! Is! Great! If I could just be a professional organizer, I would be very happy. I would have a business card that just said "Organizer", and people would look at me in awe when I gave it to them. Who doesn't like organization, right? And not only that, but I am not even anal retentive - I believe deeply in baskets. Baskets are where you can throw shit and still have it be neat; so long as they are thematic (for example, we have a Technology Basket with wires and headphones and batteries and shit), you are good to go.

Oh my god, I need to focus. Plants. Mike and I bought lots of plants on Sunday - seeds and dirt and already-grown plants that will provide us with vegetables and flowers and better air quality. I am pretty sure if I am in charge of them they will die soon, but luckily I am not, and soon we will be eating tomatoes we grew on a San Francisco fire escape. Yee haw.

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