Friday, April 18, 2008


When I first moved to California, it was to help out on my friend's organic farm and to get to know the West Coast. Lots of Wellesley ladies were living in San Francisco, so I decided to sublet a room and see how I liked it. I wound up moving in with two Texans named Mike and Michael. They had two lady cats, named The Baroness von Esmeralda von Scratchenpurr XIV(XIIII?) and Beans. Mike is now my R4L (roommate for life i.e. boyfriend) and Ezzie is now my cat. This is Ezzie on our fire escape.If she were a normal cat I would say that she looks like she is Up to No Good, but Ezzie is the least adventurous cat around so she is probably just Anxious.

Anyway, last weekend we went to Austin to spend some time with Mike's friends, including our old roommate Michael. When Michael moved back to Texas two years ago, he took Ezzie's sister-from-another-mother Beans with him. This was a sad day for the Breckis (this is what we call ourselves when we are trying to be family-ish), and for me in particular, because I liked to think that Beans and I shared a similar tomboyish spirit and disdain for strict interpretations of the gender binary. And last weekend, Beans and I were reunited! Here she is, obviously thrilled.
It was so good to see her! And to see Michael, too. And to be in Austin, which Mike things represents the highest heights of citytude, and which I think is pleasant and full of people who crack my shit up.

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