Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The rainbow's end

Oh goody, another study about how successful women can't find anyone to date. If you make it all the way to the end, you will be treated to statements like:
I wish I could say, "Oh, an individual woman will get what she wants by withholding sex," but that is not the case when it's not the case collectively, when there are lots of other women happy to underbid her. She's in a bind, which is why a lot of women don't restrict it because they feel, "Oh, he's just going to go to my roommate or the other woman at the end of the bar," which is true. But I still think you have better odds of succeeding, especially if you're attractive, if you don't give in, if you make him work hard, get to know you, make commitments -- all that stuff that seems pretty basic. This is not about getting sex. Women can get sex whenever they want. Post it on Craigslist and you can have it within the hour. This is about getting commitments.
Luckily I came to this article through its rebuttal, which is an occasionally over the top but still satisfying piece that has lines like:
Women are only truly happy when they have something to take care of, like a boyfriend or a baby. If you become pregnant (YAY!) and tell your boyfriend you're going to "take care of it," make sure he's not confused about what you mean.
Yes, women are in this world for one thing: babies. And what is the point of winning the rat race if there's a not a rat-swarmed baby at the rainbow's end?
Happy Tuesday!

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