Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello hello

Welcome, 2011. May you be less of a pain in the ass than the last few weeks of 2010. 2010 actually blew altogether for many people around me, and as such I gave it a mighty Good Riddance.

In summary: We were lucky enough to score cheap (seriously) first class tickets down to Texas for the holidays, but I worked so hard to take advantage of the free drinks that I got chardonnayhead and lost my bag of chargers. As in, the bag with ALL my electronics chargers, which I keep in my carry-on because they are too precious to check. That is why I was disconnected for two weeks, with only the juice that a wee USB plug could get me. This disconnect would have been nice, but I was supposed to be working. Oops.

The holidays were up and down, as holidays are. Mike's nephews are the cutest little nuggets, and while I am not interested in babymaking anytime soon, this little one made my ovaries give each other a conspiratorial behind-the-back high five.
In Austin we also had intensive baby time, but also intensive friend time. Babies and friends go together, it turns out, when you do not live in the Bay Area.

We rang in 2011 with a last-minute shindig in our apartment, at the end of which I got mad at Mike for no particular reason and passed out in my gold sequiny dress. Dignity! Here is the dress.
Don't I look like a discontent trophy wife? Because that is the look I was going for. I am also very clearly sucking in.

On the first morning of the new year I made pancakes, lazed around, got lunch, bit a fork too hard and chipped my tooth. Even more dignity!

2011 has thus far redeemed itself, however, by containing disc golf, a well-executed boil/brew of a pale ale, a crap ton of completed errands, homemade vegetable soup, and cinnamon buns. Cinnamon buns make everything better. Fact.

Oh, and I bought this album, which folds out into a full-length shot of Dolly. She is just delightful.
And completely wackadoo.

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Vanessa said...

Dude, I LOVE THAT DRESS. SHINY! Also, cinnamon buns. I am all aboard the "good riddance 2010" train, also. 2011 better be awesome, Universe! Or else!