Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh oh oh yay yay yay

Heidi's new cookbook is coming out this spring. Despite being an obsessive reader of her blog and cooker of her recipes, I hadn't actually checked out her last book until Mike gave it to me for Christmas this year. It is lovely and inspiring, and it makes me feel healthier just reading it. Can't wait for the new one. I am going to use all kinds of whole grains, biotch.


Michelle said...

we threw our first SD dinner party last week and made the firecracker cornbread and lime peanut salad. When I told one of the guests where i got them she squealed, "Oh HEIDI! I luuuuurv her!"

Caitlin said...

i want

GGB said...

Made the vegan almond chocolate mousse this weekend. I normally hate tofu, but this stuff was amazing.