Monday, April 5, 2010

Stuff I Eat

Yesterday was rainy and a Sunday and I was in recovery from Vegas, so I cooked up a storm. No pictures, alas, but I can link to some recipes.

Once again I made butternut squash pasties, but with whole wheat flour and some variations based on what I had in the fridge - manchego and feta in place of parmesan, some cilantro in place of parsley. Delicious, and I doubled the recipe, so I have several still waiting for me at home.

I also made Smitten Kitchen's tomato sauce with onions and butter, and it is completely freaking delicious. I sampled a bit on some leftover quinoa, but reserved most of it for dinner tonight. I'm so excited to dig into it - I wish I had made a larger batch.

While taking care of the above, I cooked up a big pot of azuki beans with an onion, garlic cloves, and shoyu soy sauce. The beans are fantastic, and are going to work their way into several meals this week.

Tasty tasty productivity.

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