Monday, April 12, 2010

Beer Sunday

I bravely overcame a shiteous sinus headache this weekend to enjoy the rainy Sunday with homemade baked goods and delicious beer. I first made huge oven-baked pancakes for breakfast - we had them with maple syrup, and they were oh so tasty. And crazy looking.
Next up were popovers, which I assumed were way above my skill level but turned out to be fantastically easy, and perfect with tomato and raspberry jam. I doubled the recipe, so I have popovers to go home to tonight. We had made a pilgrimmage to City Beer Store on Saturday, so we cracked open a bottle of Pliny the Elder, which is considered to be one of the best beers in the US. It is also ridiculously hoppy - it burns your tongue a little bit.
We then bottled our own IPA, which isn't going to be as hoppy as Pliny, but is still going to have some bite.
Then I threw together some vegetable things (best creation: collards with lemon, fennel and toasted walnuts) and we split a bottle of Tusker beer, which reminded Mike of the time he lived on that ship in the South Pacific that one time.

And then, you know, we watched stuff on Hulu.
Modern love, right?

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