Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The beautiful thing about the Bay Area is that no matter how precious or snobby or laughable the culture seems sometimes, there really is a there there. Northern California culture is genuinely great, even when it's also annoying.

Behold: urban homesteading in SF, as covered by the NYT. I brew, so they say I am part of this movement (who knew?). I kind of think kombucha is gross (I'll never forget the look on Meesh's face when an acquaintance introduced us to "the momma and her babies", which were, of course, fungus), but if you want a chicken coop or beehives or whatever, my feeling is that you should go for it.

As such, I really want to go to this "hootenanny" tomorrow night, since it will apparently have lots of homemade things that will either kill me or be delicious. If it turns out not to be my crowd (and odds are good), I will at least feel like I have made an attempt to make my way into the local culture.

Also, a group called The Goat Sisters is playing. So I have to be there.

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Michelle said...

lol, i've given it a try since then. not bad!