Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stuff I Eat

Maybe everyone else knows this already, but the mixture of these items is delicious:
  • grains
  • beans
  • greens
  • fresh herbs
What you see below is my new favorite dinner: wheat berries with Rancho Gordo beans, escarole, arugula, fresh parsley, and homemade vinaigrette.

Damn it is good (even though I think my camera phone always makes things look a little gross). I'm home for a few hours at least one night a week, which is enough time to make big batches of grains and beans, so I think my weeknight dinner groove is now set. Next up is barley, or quinoa, or Israeli couscous, or one of the other dozen things I bought from the bulk bins at Rainbow this weekend.

Rainbow bulk bins: yuppie crack.

(Is that just coke?)

1 comment:

Marthine Satris said...

I love that combo too! Couscous is the best basis for anything. I have only made wheatberries once, and it was far from a success, so I am not sure how I feel about their flavor and smell, whcih is weird, because I grew up on honey wheatberry bread..... but, point is, I loved it with arugula pesto and lots of Parmesan. Greens and herbs were a bit more processed, but it was still delicious!