Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The perfect weekend

How to have the perfect weekend.

First, let's make it 65 to 70 degrees and sunny.

On Friday, attend a 1920's themed murder mystery dinner party. Have your boyfriend's band play their first gig at the party, and have it be awesome. Wear a flapper dress.
On Saturday go to Indian Rock Park in Berkeley for a gorgeous view of the Bay Area. Sit on a rock in the sun.
Drive further up into the hills, to Tilden park. Walk in the woods and around Lake Anza. Giggle at the naked peoples. Head back down to Shattuck just in time to pick up a pizza at Cheeseboard and a box of Thin Mints.

Attend a dinner party at a beautiful Victorian flat hosted by a couple that met while sailing ships around the world. Open a bottle of your homemade beer and find out it's delicious. Drink your hosts' homemade sloe gin. Cuddle with a puppy.
Spend all of Sunday on your bike, cruising up and down the Embarcadero as a volunteer for the bike coalition. Enjoy the sun and the crowds. Eat free tacos.
Head home to brew a batch of IPA and cook a dinner of butternut squash ravioli with sage butter. Watch episodes of The West Wing until you fall asleep.

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Leslie said...

You look fierce in that picture! ....great weekend!