Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I like gluing things to other things

Is it weird that I would totally live in a house that the New York Times is calling out for its tackiness? The owners were gospel singers and evangelical preachers before constructing a 25,000+ square foot mansion! They used a cake decorating kit to ornament their house! The woman has a 34 pound bedspread trimmed in pearls (why?)!

A choice excerpt:
More glass shoes had been glued to a six-foot silver-and-faux-candle candelabra.

“My shoe-delier,” said Mr. Hart, 50, who was decked out entirely in black, complete with a black cowboy hat.

Ms. Hart, slim and raven-haired at 82, wore a tailored black suit trimmed with two dozen gold-plated teddy bears. “Larry did this,” she said, referring to the trim.

“I like gluing things to other things,” Mr. Hart said, by now stating the obvious.

Also at lunch was his brother, Garry, a 48-year-old contractor (“The normal one, like Marilyn in ‘The Munsters,’ ” Larry said).

I want to be friends with these people.

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