Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trauma x2

Last night I watched "Trauma "on Hulu, because it was better than cleaning in preparation for my father's imminent arrival. It was a pretty entertaining show, for two reasons.

1. In the first 20 minutes, there was an epic helicopter-on-helicopter crash set over the FiDi, and a huge pileup on the Bay Bridge on-ramp, complete with a gas truck explosion.

2. It is totally obsessed with being set in San Francisco. I get that it's about EMTs, and ambulance drivers probably do shout out street names a lot. But with these guys, it's gratuitous.
"Don't take Market!"
"Don't worry, I'm taking Polk."
"There was a big crash by the Fillmore."

New Yorkers might be used to this, but SF usually gets the pop cultural shaft. My second trauma of the last 24 hours is a result of my basic training boot camp thing. I estimate that I held the plank position for a combined total of 5 minutes this morning. My shoulders feel like those of a gracelessly aging MLB pitcher, and I'm walking like I'm fresh out of a helicopter-gas-truck pileup. Other than that, I feel fantastic. Really.

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