Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy NCOD!

I did not realize until just now that it is National Coming Out Day, which makes me a bad ally. But I am going to jump on the caboose of the day here and say (in Wellesley NCOD tradition) that love is love is love is love is love.

I also wanted to share this video of Obama at an HRC event, because I have been disappointed with his leadership on gay rights, but I do think that he is an ally. I know the HRC isn't everyone's favorite group, but they were the first non-profit that I ever donated to on my own, and I'm not sure that teenage me really knew enough about the gay rights movement to distinguish between different modes and approaches. In any case, I've got a soft spot for them.

This video is on the long side for intertubes embedding, but it's worth a looksy. It doesn't take much to make me tear up on NCOD, but this talk got me going a few times.

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