Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lucky lucky

We are back in New York after a week in Ireland, and last night we went on a happy hour bar crawl on the Lower East Side. After 3 bars and 3 hours, I realized my camera was missing. My new camera, which has 400 photos from Ireland on it, including a family party full of Irish dancing and shots of my 94 year old great aunt.

I totally freaked out, and we retraced our steps for an hour. I tried not to hyperventilate. At the last bar we checked, the bartender said no one had turned anything in. We looked around our table: no dice. Then we asked the people at the next table over, and a guy (joking, I thought) reached behind his back. And produced my camera!

It was a freaking miracle. I gave him a hug, then bought him a beer. And did a victory dance.

So that was good. Ireland was very good, and I will talk about it soon, I swear. But first: yay for averted disasters.

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