Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm ok, guys

I am, really. Thus far this week I have
  • cuddled with my cat, who is still pissed that I am not Mike
  • let my apartment get really messy
  • gone to two spin classes
  • flown to LA for the day
Also, in what I acknowledge to be an overshare, I peed on a stick because I felt weird and bloated. And you know what? I'm not pregnant, I'm just straight-up bloated. And weird. The sad thing is, it was a lose-lose: either holy shnikeys I'm pregnant, or else I suddenly have a gut that I hadn't noticed before. Cheers to the latter!

But I did get to go to LA yesterday, and that was pretty cool. I had a good publisher meeting, and I got to see Lianna, who is all MBA'd up in that shit down there. She needed to shop for an 80's party (sponsored by her school - is that really what grad school is about? recreations of middle school dances?) so we went to American Apparel. Because that is what American Apparel has become: a costume shop for all but the most unfortunate of the hipsterati. Oh, and 13 year old girls and boys. And me, apparently, because I bought two skirts, though I went easy on the spandex.

(Side story: Mike was very disturbed by the amount of spandex worn by the pasty and often doughy Irish men and women during our trip. Occasionally it would get to be too much for him and he would shout, "People of Ireland! Please! I beg you! Look in the mirror before you leave the house!" Then he would grumble about whatever particular kind of spandexicated unfortunateness that individual was embracing - metallics, dots, plaid, etc.)

LA was actually quite lovely (though the traffic blew), and I had a nice dinner by myself on a pier in Long Beach. One irritant associated with eating alone: the waitstaff either doesn't make eye contact with you, or they are really really nice. Four different servers asked if I wanted more beer when my glass was empty. Since I doubt that I had somehow landed on the magic table that was in every one of their sections, I guess they were assuming that I must be drinking heavily because I was forsaken.

But not too shabby, right?

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