Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Galway Girl

We heard a ton of music while we were in Ireland - everywhere we went there was live music, much of it traditional Irish tunes. The one song we listened to the most was Galway Girl, and it became the soundtrack of our trip.

Our best Galway Girl moment came at about 3:30 in the morning at my great aunt's house. My cousin had thrown a party in our honor, and he was in the living room with the glass doors shut, falling asleep over a glass of whiskey with some of his farmer friends. We opened the doors, put on Galway Girl, and he instantly woke up and started doing this:

Aside from the fact that I am unfortunate, I don't know that I've seen anything better.

1 comment:

Mike G. said...

you're not unfortunate, you're cute! and that was absolutely one of the best things i've ever witnessed, hands down. good ol' PJ.