Friday, May 15, 2009


Yesterday I rode my bike the 47 miles from my house to work. I met up with a group of about 150 coworkers, and spent the first 20 miles thinking I was at the very end of the whole pack - but it turned out I was busting my ass to stay close to the very first pack. These people are crazy cyclists, so I gave up on that for the second half, and wound up finishing in just under 3 hours - respectable, but not fantastic.

Here's the whole group, at the start.

You probably cannot see me, and that is ok. The ride was flat most of the way, but I went as fast as I could most of the time (still not too speedy) and was very happy to get to the Goog. They were offering free massages, and my massaged therapists made very disapproving noises about the state of my neck muscles. Apparently I need to buy a bike that actually fits me.

There I am!

At the office, finally. TOUGH. Well, less tough when you know why I have bandaids all over my legs (hint: fast-moving treadmill).

Ok, that's enough of me. Too much, really - even for a blog post.

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Deb Goodman said...

Are a rockstar.