Thursday, May 21, 2009


It is almost another weekend, and I have barely processed the last one. Last Friday we did Fancy Lady Drink night, in which we ate cheese and cherries and drank delicious champagn cocktails. Besha brought me a bottle of Genevieve gin! Turns out that Anchor Brewing makes it, too, so it's local. At midnight several of us decided we that we should go to a party in the Mission, and I decided that I would dance until 3:30. 

Oh! But! The party was B themed, and most people wore relatively low-profile costumes. I, for example wore the bug hat that Beth is modeling in this photo:

But one girl decided to wear a big banana costume. In all the hours we were dancing, the Banana did not say one thing. But if a song came on and the Banana didn't dance, it was quickly changed to something that made her smile. The party's theme actually become WWTBDT: What Would The Banana Dance To? All we cared about was pleasing the Banana. The highlight of the night was probably Hollaback Girl, as it allowed everyone to circle the Banana and scream about her shit being bananas. She did a very adorable shimmy and bop (which was about all she could do) to B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

I miss the Banana.

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