Monday, March 31, 2008


That was the subject line of an email I just got from my dad, who is now a genealogy-aholic. Here is what he sent me:

Irish Convicts to New South Wales

In the Rebel Field, R denotes Rebel (generic activity); D denotes Defender; RE denotes Emmet Rebel (1803); WB denotes Whiteboy (generic activity).

Name: Brennan, James
Reb: R
Ship: Brittania I
Tried: 1795
Trial Place: Dublin City
Death Place: On board ship due to flogging
Remarks: Died after receiving first 300 lashes and then a further 500 lashes the next day for planning ship mutiny

This is pretty horrific, but also amazing. It's nuts that my ancestor got lashed 300 times, then went back for 500 more - but at least nobody called him a Whiteboy.

Did I say I'm a wuss? Oh no, I have the blood of a Rebel (generic) in my veins.

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