Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Ode to Leslie

My friend Leslie is smart and sweet, but she can also be a gigundo weenie. Leslie recently got a call from an old friend ("Friend") with whom she had not had an amicable conversation since college. The last time they saw each other, Leslie objected to the verbal abuse directed at Friend by Friend's mother, and stormed out of an argument over the proper way to fold underwear.

So why did Friend call? Not to catch up on life, but to ask if Leslie will be her maid of honor. As in, for her wedding.

Here are the things that Leslie knows about being a maid of honor:
1. You have to buy a dress that the bride picks out.
2. You go the the wedding.

That's it! I know about as much, and I have no idea what I would have said if I had gotten the same request, but Leslie said yes, and is now in charge of hustling this girl through the wedding process, with the aid of a mother of the bride that she hates and a groom she has not met. The shower, the bachelorette party - these are things Leslie knows nothing of. A bride with no friends, a maid of honor with no is going to be awesome.

UPDATE, 3/24: This is slightly less funny since Leslie rode her bike into a car at high speeds after leaving my house on Thursday night, BUT: on the wedding webpage, Leslie is listed as "the bride's best friend since they were 5." Also, the wedding colors are fuschia, tangerine, and white. All right!

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