Thursday, March 7, 2013

Your intertubes for today

It's almost March 11, which means it's almost time for me to cook dinner for 40 paying people! Mostly friends, but still. Monday is the FreemadeSF launch party, which is also the first event of my Fiddlehead Supper Club. Hopefully it will go well enough that there will be many more to come. More info here, and tickets here.

If you create a Google spreadsheet and type "lager" into the first cell, "ipa" into the one below it, highlight them, and then drag the corner of the cell down the whole column while holding down the Option key, it autofills hundreds of beer types. Bravo, Techcrunch, for covering this fantastic hidden feature. I am pleased to have coworkers who love beer that damn much.

Oh, The Onion, you hit the Boston nail right on the head: Pretty Cute Watching Boston Residents Play Daily Game of 'Big City'. I love Boston, I really do. But unlike every other smaller city (I say that as a diehard resident of one), Boston really does seem like the little dog that thinks it's a big dog. Which is not a bad thing - it's adorable. But really, any city with bars that close at 1 a.m. is just not in the big city leagues. (Cue virtual snowballs from my Boston friends.)

I'm starting to collect tips and recommendations for our trip to Turkey in April, and a coworker sent me this pin. I've never gotten into Pinterest - I don't even know where to start, and I lose interest quickly - but I like the concept of using it for travel. I've been plugging in "Istanbul hotel" and getting very excited.
My friend Nat has an article in The New York Times on the artist Ernestine Ruben.

Mike loves portmanteaus, deeply. This Slate writer hates portmanteaus. This does not help my impression of Slate as a place where writers go to bitch, moan, and be contrary just because they feel like it.

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