Thursday, February 28, 2013


Look at what I made! Baked mini donuts!
I've had this stupid mini donut pan for years, in anticipation of my much-delayed Wonderland party (as in, Alice in). To complement it, I also have a cake pan that looks like a giant cupcake, as well as several plastic flamingos still in their boxes in the pantry. This party will happen soon, I promise.

I finally put this pan to use tonight, as a result of a post on one of my guilty pleasure blogs. Don't worry, that link is safe for work, it's just a site that features a lot of pink frilly things. The recipe is actually here, and I followed it in a very vague way. In a very I-don't-have-any-of-the-ingredients way. I winged it, and I winged it hard.

The first substitute was for the baking soda, which I currently only have in the form of an ancient box, open and full of stale smells, in the back of my fridge. A quick internet search told me I could use baking powder if I tripled the amount, and lo and behold, it worked. One day the Internet is going to lie to me and I'm going to feel so so used.

Second substitute was for the brown sugar. No brown sugar in this house. So I took regular hippie sugar (not super white, but more white than brown) and mixed in some molasses. Boom.

The final substitue was for the vanilla, which I can't believe I'm out of since vanilla is one of my single favorite substances. Instead I went with almond extract. The end product? Lovely light moist molasses-and-almondy teensy donuts. I was going to have them for breakfast tomorrow, but they may not survive that long.
Nota bene: I'm listening to the BBC while puttering around the kitchen, and they're reporting about today, Thursday, as the past. On Thursday the Pope left the papacy...On Thursday Kenyans prepared to go to the polls in the wake of widespread violence during the last election cycle...On Thursday Dennis Rodman met with Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang. (Yes, all those things actually happened. And yes, Dennis Rodman is apparently still a thing.) Anyway, it feels like I'm in a British time machine, and like the moment I am living already happened. MAYBE THESE DONUTS ARE A FIGMENT OF MY IMAGINATION.

If so, my imagination is having a very good Thursday.

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