Friday, March 29, 2013


I have some very real things I need to do - write an article for a local blog, do my taxes, deal with some legal documentation around a shady rental car damage claim - which means I am being super productive in all other ways. For example, last weekend consisted of getting some shit DONE around the house. 
First, we installed a new light fixture in the kitchen so that I no longer feel that I'm cooking or eating under an interrogator's lamp. This was a big step for me, since electricity is scary and dangerous. Nobody got electrocuted, though, so cheers to the Brecki household. I also took on the dumb but satisfying task of corralling all my extension cords and either taping them to the wall with white duct tape or tucking them into a rubber cord protector a la this. This is the most boring thing to talk about on a blog, I am sure, but I'll tell you what: it made a difference in my quality of life. That is probably because something is very wrong with me, but at least I'm dealing with it.

I weeded the garden, which was completely taken over by nasturtium, clover, dandelions, crabgrass, and something I haven't yet identified that has yellow flowers and is, thank god, very easy to pull up by the roots. The work went quickly, and I was able to put in tulips (too late, I know, but I had the damn bulbs) and zinnia seeds that Mike's mother gave us - the seeds' grandparents were from Mike's grandma's garden. There's a lot more work to do, but it felt nice to start. And also to be in the sun in my backyard with the smell of the pine trees in the next yard.
We gave the new mixer its first go-round with dough: Smitten Kitchen's cinnamon buns, which Mike pulled off quite nicely. 
Lest other appliances feel neglected, I juiced a ton of fruits and vegetables from the farmer's market and mixed them with sparkling water (thanks to our much-loved SodaStream) for spritzers. If you alternate cinnamon buns and fresh juice, that's kind of like a cleanse, right? Sure.
I also went to Beth's dance competition, which was absolutely delightful. Beth is a master tapper, and seeing her dressed up as a genie/flirty teenager/sassy old lady was a sight.
Isn't she adorable with her jazz hands, even in her normal people clothes? Anyway, another weekend is rolling around, and my to do list hasn't gotten shorter. Which means I'm going to get a ton done. Just none of the right things.

Oh well.

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