Friday, February 15, 2013

Cough cough, hack hack

Today I am clawing myself out of the deep dark hole that the flu unceremoniously chucked me into before I left France on Monday. I flew back shivering, feverish, and blessedly prone to sleeping for most of the day. Today, 5 days later, I am wearing real people clothes for the first time since then. Nay, not just real people clothes; I am wearing a white blazer. Take that, germs.

Basically I was forced to get dressed because both of my bathrobes were too gross to wear anymore.

Now that I'm on the road to recovery, I've got some odds and ends that came in over the last few weeks.

1. Our activist friends had some victories lately; Lindsey was named acting head of RAN, and a Greenpeace campaign was cited by the New York Times as "activism at its best". Score one for all the trees.

2. A new coworker revealed that her daughter is The Tiny Art Director, and her husband is the much-bossed-about artist. I am star struck.

3. Our friends sent out their save the date video, which was subsequently used by the Wall Street Journal in this video piece. Since Simone and Haley make wedding videos for a living (their company is, this was some unbelievable PR. Also, their wedding is going to kick ass.

4. I came across a site called Messy Nessy that has some cute articles, including a piece on the Madonna Inn. God love the Madonna Inn - it's the most wonderful hideous place in the world. I have a special place in my heart for the Harvard Square room, a two story monstrosity where we celebrated a friend's birthday last year.
5. Rebecca Solnit sucks. Ok, she doesn't actually, I have really enjoyed some of her writing (she nailed the whole mansplaining thing), but this article on the evils of the Google shuttle is way off base. "Sometimes the Google Bus just seems like one face of Janus-headed capitalism; it contains the people too valuable even to use public transport or drive themselves." Yes, excellent point. Much better that I spend an extra two hours a day attempting to take Caltrain or, better yet, drive myself. I'm not saying that the tech industry isn't affecting San Francisco in negative ways - it is, quickly and severely. But the kids riding the buses don't necessarily make more than most people in San Francisco do; we're the wage slaves. And we need love too.

6. Every once in a while I get a real pang of missing India. This video did not help. It also made me hungry.

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