Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Look what I helped make! Digital magazines, for you and for me and the entire human race. This was a tough product to work on, for reasons personal (I know less about the magazine industry than I do books) and organizational (we had some churn in the product manager department). But its out, and it looks great, and I'm so happy.
Launch days are always anticlimactic. You've been working on something for months and years, and then boom - it's out in the wild. But you're still at your desk, with your plastic cup of champagne in your hand, unable to hear your baby blowing people's minds all over the land. You have to call your mother or email friends or obsessively check TechCrunch to get any reaction.
And on a day like today - with product launch after product launch, and some freaking skydiving thrown in for good measure - a non-gadget isn't going to get too much love. But it's out there, it's working, and I'm savoring it.

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