Friday, June 29, 2012


Tuesday night was Big Dan's last wine tasting chef's dinner at Kincaid's, so I met up with his lady and his family to partake of his going out with a bang. The meal was so stinking good that I'm going to break it down here so it can be recorded for posterity.

  • Amuse bouche: a lovely light crab rangoon, paired with champagne.
  • Dish one: A seared scallop with fava puree and savory vanilla lemon sauce. Paired with a sauvignon blanc. My favorite.
  • Dish two: Smoked duck breast with pickled cherries. Paired with a chardonnay. My second favorite dish.
  • Dish three: Here the wine started kicking in and it got hazy. I remember lamp chops in a blueberry sauce with haricot verts, paired with a tasty California red.
  • Dish four: Handmade boar sausage with a side of beans and pickled onion. Paired with an Italian red.
  • Dessert: Roasted peaches with whipped cream. Have you had freshly whipped cream lately? It's divine. Paired with a dessert wine so delicious that I bought a bottle and am dreaming of when I'll open it. The only photo I took is this one of Dan's sister, looking as excited as I felt about this wine.

I didn't take notes at the time and I got pretty sloshy, but what I remember should be enough to convey that is was an epic performance. Then Dan took us to a dive bar and then the night ended with shots of Jameson while sitting in our living room, as every good night should.

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