Monday, February 27, 2012

Where ya been?

It is amazing how motivation has an inverse relationship with the amount of stuff there is to do. I have been finding just so many amazing things on the internets [all separate links, btw, and the last one is my idea of a joke right now], and I feel so overwhelmed by it all that I haven't been blogging about it. Instead I've been pinning it (link only works if you're signed up, mebbe), which is the pretty but lazy way out.

So what have I been up to lately? Well, a lot. A few days after my parents left I had an old friend in town, and we ate and drank and hiked all over the damn place.

Since then, I have DEVOURED the Hunger Games (900+ pages in 3 days), met with a real estate agent, fallen in love with an apartment that turned out to be tiny, gone dancing til the wee hours, and reveled in subsequent laziness. I bought a beautiful desk from the secondhand shop around the corner, and it fits perfectly over the ugly vestigial heater in the living room, the bane of my domestic existence.
My car got broken into - well, sort of, I suspect I didn't actually lock it - but only the FastTrak was stolen (the benefit of having a piece of shit car). I now have a missing FastTrak, a missing credit card (no charges on it in the three weeks it's been missing, so I know it's in my house somewhere), a missing FitBit (lost at a bar, I think), and a missing smog check as a result of somehow misplacing the registration renewal for two months. As a result, I will soon be missing some money, which will have relocated into the pockets of the DMV. Mike says that it's a good thing my butt is attached to me, or I'd lose it too. I know some people say the same thing about heads, but this is the Mike version.

One last dunderheaded thing: I thought I had canceled my flight back from Colorado for today (I know that I canceled the flight TO Colorado), but apparently not, since I got an Orbitz email alert that my flight was delayed. Skipping the trip was a bummer, and so is not getting my refund, but both are probably also good signs that I wasn't up to another trip, nor to slicing my way down the slopes without forgetting important safety gear or how to brake.

Am I disorganized? Mayhaps. But most of the plates are still spinning in the air, and nothing that has crashed has been irreplaceable, so I have hope that I'll whip it all into shape before I leave town again, this time for London and Dublin and New York and Austin. Aside from how impossible it is to pack for this kind of itinerary, I am immensely looking forward to it. Assuming I don't also lose my mind first.

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