Thursday, February 2, 2012

I just managed to

  • Cut myself rather badly with my fancy new chopping knife for the first time. I knew this day would come.
  • Send a few heartfelt emails that would have been letters or carrier-pigeon missives in the olden days.
  • Email with a hero of mine after drinking a few glasses of wine (see: cutting myself) in a way that wasn't pathetic, I think.
  • Cook up a large pot of tomato sauce.
  • Add some of my parents' homemade maple syrup to the tomato sauce to cut the salt. This may have been a bad call.
  • Install an air freshener thing that gives off pheromones and is supposed to keep Little Dude from being too feisty and attacking Ezzie all the time.
  • Yell at Ezzie for being a weenus.
  • Have my mind blown by Babes of NPR. Be prepared. I will never recover from seeing Diane Rehm (or the skinny Paula Deen, as I am now calling her).

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