Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Valen, it's Valentines!

That is to the tune of Business Time by Flight of the Conchords, by the way. 

So Valentine's is mostly a dumb holiday, but I think that, like Thanksgiving, it's nice to have a day where you focus on something that you really should be thinking about all the time: love and forgiveness and all that. The commercialism and heteronormativity are a bummer, but luckily there are some clever rebuttals, among them a friend's Occupy VDay blog (which has gotten good coverage) and today's Google Doodle. It is SO PRECIOUS:
Also, some dude rode his bike around San Francisco in an impressively detailed way, so props to him. In any case, whether you are coupled up or not, whether you exchange presents or not, I hope you will have an evening as satisfying as mine is shaping up to be. My butt will be planted on my couch, and my mouth will be full of takeout, and loving words for my boyfriend, of course. I'll try to minimize how much food I accidentally spit out on him.

And finally: NPR has some great valentines.


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