Thursday, January 5, 2012

Secrets of success

Today I held my first external Google Hangout, i.e. one with people outside my company. My guinea pigs were a few hardy souls (We're straight pioneers! they said, which now seems like it has a second meaning I hadn't noticed before) from a publishing company. Once we got everyone up and running the Hangout worked great, and I was able to share my screen and make all kinds of unnecessary hand gestures and emphatic facial expressions and all the other things that video conferences were created for. At one point I held up my tablet to show their edition in the Currents app, and I tipped the screen to cut down on glare. After putting the tablet down, I forgot to tip the screen back up, and so this is what they were looking at while I emoted about their custom template code parameters.

After a minute or two one of the ladies said something - "Hey Genevieve, you might want to adjust your camera..." - and I blushed ferociously. Given how well the call went, I am feeling especially weird about my blatant boobage.

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