Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Maximum weekend

Holy balls, it's Wednesday already. The long weekend through me off, I think. I made the most of it with time outside - a few runs, a few hikes - lots of food and drink, and plenty of sleep. Below are a few photos from one of the hikes, a loop on Mt Tam (which I've done before). Mike and I also hit up Olompali State Park before visiting friends who just bought a gorgeous house in Sebastopol, where they're opening a distillery.
Also in friends-being-impressive mode, Katie had her baby today! Or yesterday! Or overnight! I don't have any details yet - just a brief Facebook update from the babydaddy. Welcome Lady Giles! That is what I am going to call the baby, maybe even after I find out what her name actually is.

I also checked out a new restaurant in my neighborhood (it was really good, but not great) and went to a birthday party in a warehouse-slash-apartment. And a shoutout to one of my activities last weekend -hooray for the bike party, which managed to get 500 cyclists safely through the city streets for hours last Friday, and to have a rocking time doing it.

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