Thursday, June 2, 2011

Return to home cookin'

Last night was the first time that I cooked in the new apartment. Over the past few weeks snacks were thrown together, fruit was consumed, but a real meal had not been born here. So, voila.
A totally chaotic cornucopia of veggies. Roasted brussels sprouts, cabbage (redundant? yes. delicious? most definitely), asparagus and fennel, with pinto beans and black lentils and quinoa, topped with diced cucumber and bell pepper and parsley and a vinaigrette. In case you were wondering, no, I don't ever have any idea what I'm doing when I'm cooking.

Tonight the beans, pepper, quinoa and parsley got some more loving, piled on slightly stale tortillas (waste not...) with sliced eggplant, pickled jalapenos, tomato sauce, and cheese.
(not yet cooked)
Does the new apartment feel 100% like home yet? Not quite. But a few more crazypants meals like these and it will.

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