Monday, May 16, 2011


Guys, moving is hard. Everyone else in the world knows that but I didn't. I didn't, because every other time I've moved in my life, I've had a few suitcases of possessions and not much else. Now, however, I am a Grownup, who is in a Relationship, and who has Lived in the Same Place for 3.5 Years. This means that while the packing could (and did) happen haphazardly, the unpacking can't, because then you wind up not knowing where anything is. And that is the situation I'm in now. A week after moving we finally uncovered our silverware. Hurrah! And yesterday Mike found all my jewelry in a bag of hangers, after I had thought it was lost forever.

On the upside, we are completely out of our old apartment, and it is spackled and sparkling. Seeing it all empty made me remember how in love with it we were when we first moved in - much like, I imagine, you might look back on a relationship you were walking away from. It had to happen, but you're still a little sad it's over, given how excited you were at the beginning. See, the beautiful bay windows?
So now we turn our attention once again to the new place. Aside from hunting down missing possessions, many many things have been done around the new apartment. As previously stated, there was much painting. Also furniture assembly, cupboard organization, huge-rubber-tub stuffing, and lightbulb replacing. Things are starting to come together, as evidenced by my Sunday afternoon spent reading on the porch with a cat of unknown origin. He is called Big Boy by the others in our building, and he lives in our backyard during the day. At night, no one knows.
You can view some of what we've gotten set up so far on my Flickr.

Moving is not all that I have been up to, of course, as evidenced by all the laundry hanging in the picture above. I biked to work again for Bike to Work Day - it was the 4th time, and my fastest, but also a bit dull. Maybe next year I'll take the longer hilly route.
That weekend we went up to Anderson Valley for the Boonville Beer Festival, which was, as expected, a great time. I have lots of pictures, but haven't had time to go through them yet, so they'll have to be for another post. Right now I'm in NYC after a weekend at my parents' agrarian dreamland, where we rode horses and walked through the hills and drank and ate too much. So clearly I have some blog catchup to do.

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