Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boston. And polenta.

Last night I made a big batch of tomato sauce from scratch. We ate it with polenta (from Napa's old mill, previously blogged about) and spinach sauteed with garlic. This meal makes me feel like I am in charge of the planet, because I can make something so delicious and pretty and filling. See?
It is also nesting food, and I have been nesting since our trip to Boston over the weekend. We stayed with wonderful friends who we miss terribly and saw so many of our buddies. I ate lobster rolls and we played Fingers and drank way too much and danced.
Then on Saturday we woke up and did it all over again, except this time with my family at my cousin's wedding. Here my family looks super happy, except for Mike, who looks very un.
It was a beautiful ceremony. There was a little rain halfway through, but it passed in a minute and cooled the evening down agreeably.
At the reception we posed for a photo booth and I laughed my ass off. My uncle looks very good in a floppy hat.
And then, inevitably, we did Vase Races, a tradition that Mike started at my cousin's wedding a few years ago. We line up (usually boys v girls) and drink beer out of the centerpieces. It looks like this.
Amanda here is an expert because the tradition kicked off at her wedding (also she played rugby in college), and she got in trouble for it. At her wedding my aunts also played double dutch with tied-together napkins, and another aunt did the Worm on the dance floor.

We spent Sunday hanging out with my parents on Newbury Street, eating tapas and drinking sangria in perfect weather. It all made for a very very good time, but also made me want to lay down on my couch when I got home and not get up for a while. Neeesting. Hence the polenta. Which, yes, I did eat on the couch.

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