Monday, May 9, 2011


That is how my back feels right now. But it was worth it, because this weekend we moved into our new apartment! I took Friday off work for some Home Depot-ing with my mom, who had flown in to help. We painted the ugly putty-colored kitchen a nice light grey, and avoided killing ourselves on the ladder.
Saturday we - along with our amazing friends - hauled the freakishly numerous contents of our old place into the creaky, beautiful, closet-less glory of our new place. Then we took everyone out for Indian to celebrate. Before going to bed, Mike and I sat on our porch and realized that in San Francisco you just don't sit outside at night very often - it's too chilly. Our porch is protected by a wall of windows, though, and with a wool blanket on my lap, it was heaven. The trees made some very soothing noises.

The house, however, made some super weird noises overnight. I'm not used to such silence, or darkness - our old place had a curtain-penetrating streetlamp right outside our bedroom windows, and living on a busy street meant constant noise. I got very used to it, apparently, because I spent a decent portion of Saturday night panicking when the cats stepped on creaky floorboards or knocked over precariously piled boxes. The cats, I should note, were also freaking out.

Sunday was Mother's Day, and we celebrated by painting even more - the bathroom, this time, in a very bright light blue. It's a bit much, but you know what? It's a bathroom, and it was a pain in the a$$ to paint, so it's staying how it is. Oh! And also! I woke up Sunday morning to TWO tickets on my car - the first night I've parked on the street in 3.5 years. Thank you, city of San Francisco, for being an epic jerk. I cried a little bit, I admit it. On the upside, I was simultaneously comforted by my boyfriend and my mom, which I highly recommend next time you are upset. If you do not have reliable access to a significant other and a mom, I am happy to offer mine.

We capped off our manual labors with drinks at the Cliff House at sunset, which I hope slightly made it up to my mom, who in total spent four days working very hard to help me and my poor apartment. Pictures to come!

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