Thursday, April 14, 2011

We're moving!

Last night we signed the lease for an apartment in the Lower Haight. The place isn't perfect, but I'm excited. When I'm not totally panicked.

First, the minuses:
  • very little closet space
  • small bedroom
  • no parking
  • no laundry
  • more $ than our current place
The pluses:
  • private covered deck with storage shed
  • a big backyard (that no one is keeping up right now - hello, garden)
  • large kitchen and living room
  • separate toilet and shower/sink rooms
  • lovely Victorian details
  • a firepit in the backyard!
On the whole I'm pumped for the changes. It's going to be a pain to give up parking, and it's going to hurt to pay a bit more each month, but we've been in our place 3.5 years and have reaped the benefit of comically low rent for longer than we expected. And a backyard, hooboy. Maybe this will be us!

I've posted many photos on Flickr, more than anyone probably cares to look at. In sum, it's an old Victorian that will probably be cold and dark and make us ready to move someplace new and shiny and bland after a year, but really, I can't get over the firepit. Party time.

Here's a few photo selections. The living room:
More of the living room:
The kitchen (ugly but huge):
The view out the kitchen door onto the porch:
And the backyard:
We are going to fix it up and make it so very very pretty.


TIM said...

that is the most somerville thing i've seen in SF, and i mean that in the best possible way

dethbakin said...

SO excited to see the new place. Let me know if you need help moving.