Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello, Spring

The weather for the last week has been glorious, and, I guess, not conducive to blogging. Or I'm just lazy. I was violently ill a few days after our return from Austin, then Mike was sick, then it got sunny and my brain turned to happy mush. I awkwardly starred in a promotional video for Google that will be released on the intertubes sometime in the next few months. Mike's band had a few shows, which went swimmingly, and I have been cooking lots of simple food. Like baked potatoes with avocado and lots of salt, and homemade tomato soup with Israeli couscous, and arugula salads with manchego and a fried egg. We've had a few quiet nights with friends and a few raucous nights as well. I may or may not have worked from home one day last week because I was hungover. (But was a productive work-from-homer, I swear!)

Last week I did a 6+ mile run, which was totally rad - I was proud of myself for going that far, since I usually stick to 3 miles or so. But my old butt injury has flared up a bit, so I've had to make a physical therapy appointment, something I've avoided for almost a year. I knew the issue hadn't been resolved completely, so hopefully we'll figure out how to best manage it. Maybe I just need to kill my butt.

Other things that are bouncing me around the +/- scale; I've had to say no to a friend's wedding because the flight was too expensive. I feel terrible, especially because I put off RSVPing and she had to track me down and ask directly. Miss Manners would be appalled. On the plus side, that frees up a weekend for me to meet my family in Vegas to visit my brother (who is living there now, tracking tortoises). Vegas is a much more economical trip, both in terms of time and money, so long as I don't gamble too much or buy too many hoochie-mama clothes that I'll never wear in the real world.

But hey! I got my bridesmaid dress for Beth's wedding, which is a miracle, since I assumed it would be impossible to find a pink dress that didn't make me look like a Sesame Street character.
Note the cat growing out of my skirt.

Last night, as happens every night, I had weird dreams. This time it was about a person who had been missing for a year and a half, and Mike and I had to track them down. Mike's strategy for this involved ironing the bottoms of shoes. The whole thing was really scary, though I couldn't tell you why.

The end.

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