Monday, October 11, 2010


You all may or may not have heard that Mike has switched jobs; a few weeks ago he left Greenpeace and started at the Rainforest Action Network. He'll be working on an anti-Chevron campaign, as Chevron is (unsurprisingly) epically screwing up the places they've been drilling; Mike's focus is on the Ecuadorian Amazon. Yesterday RAN protested by staging mock cleanups at Chevron stations in San Francisco. I won the quote of the day competition, according to my boss, by saying casually over breakfast, "My boyfriend is going to the 49ers-Eagles game tonight, if he doesn't get arrested."

But he didn't! And the 49ers lost, per usual! And the protest got some good coverage! Including this gem of a quote from a bystander, which reminds me of how on my high school newspaper we competed to get the stupidest quotes possible into our articles.
"Everybody who drives a car, we all are part of this," said Baker, of San Bruno. "I'm getting gas anyway. I need gas. I'm going to drive where I'm going to drive but I think the oil companies should take responsibility for when they screw up. I'm glad these people are out here and I'm glad to have gas."

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