Monday, October 25, 2010

Little matching frog-gloves

Saturday was a rainy rainy day, and we made the most of it by going to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Here is a neato thing I learned from the carnivorous plants exhibit: "Some Nepenthes [pitcher plants etc] capture frogs, and when the frogs are dissolved, all that is left in the fluid are little matching frog-gloves. Apparently, the skin on the frog hands is resistant to digestion."

Aren't you glad you know that now?

I took lots of photos with a cheesy app on my phone, and I love them. Here are a few. Ok, several. Too many. Self-restraint is not one of my virtues.

The Conservatory.
The main hall.
It was nice to be inside, with the rain outside.
The building was a bit leaky, but that just made it feel...authentic.
Lily pads that I want to lay on.
Under water!
Exiting aquatic plants.
Check out this upside down pineappley dude.
I wish I had written down what this guy was.
A good leaf to hang out under.
A rainy palm tree outside.
The view upon leaving.
Saxophonists were playing in that tunnel. The End.


Marthine Satris said...

I tink the unnamed plant might be one of those plants they grown in tropical countries called "gingers". When Puneeth and my parents and I went to Molokai last winter, we went to a tropical flower farm and they were growing stuff that looked a lot like that guy.... and most of them were gingers.

GGB said...

My note was actually referencing the flower below, not above - but I looked it up, and you're totally right that the one above is a ginger. Good to know!