Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am getting bad at noting what I am actually doing with my life. This probably does not make you so blue, so let's just say we're coping and move on.

OR I could give you a very quick summary! I love summaries, because they are easy, and make me feel like I am busy and important.
  • Last month Mike and I went to Steamboat Springs, where we met my group of friends from Boston, commonly referred to in the collective as 155. We drank and skiied and Mike broke his ribs. Except for this last bit, it was fantastic.
  • Last week I went to DC and Boston for work. In DC I visited publishers and gave a talk that I was disproporionately nervous about. It went fine. In Boston I met with more publishers, had fantastic catch-up sessions with people I had not seen in a while, and ate and imbibed at many of my favorite places.
  • I spent a lot of time in planes. At least the views were good.
  • This past weekend we drank way too much, as there were many social engagements. It was entirely worth it - particularly as it meant we got to watch a drunk and belligerent individual try to play Wii on Sunday.
Because my memory is crap, I can totally fill you in only on the last two days: Teppi came to lunch at Google because she got lost on the way to REI, and Meg came over for dinner. I cooked so damn much that Leslie is going to help me finish it off tonight, and then we're going to see Bartender Russ do a reading (of his...poetry?) at a bookstore.
And that. is. that.

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