Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Highlights of San Francisco's St. Patrick's Day Parade

As attended by my mother and myself on the 14th day of March, 2009.
  • The crackhead gentleman who lay down on the parade route, in front of a vintage fire engine full of firefighters and small children throwing Troll dolls.
  • The all-Asian Boy Scout marching band playing stirring Irish tunes.
  • The old people marching band that was dressed in ridiculous costumes and played non-Irish songs about bananas and taking your best gal out for a walk (you can sort of see them below). My mom knew all the words.
  • The Vietnamese barbecue we ate while watching tiny girls in wigs and capes step dance.
Other things that delighted me this past weekend:
  • A very small boy carrying a very long skateboard (longboard, I know) and cursing heartily into his cell phone about and f***ing b**ch in his class.
  • A very drunk and scary man cursing heartily into his cell phone while I walked home alone late Saturday night (Sunday morning?).  While passing me, he continued to curse, but also tipped his hat.
  • My mom.

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