Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tomayto tomahto

I am in love with this series of maps documenting how Americans pronounce certain words. As a New York/New Jersey native who has lived in New England and now lives with a Texan in California, I adore keeping tags on who says what and why.

My favorite so far: syrup. I had no idea I was in the minority here with searup, but the map don't lie! What is wrong with the rest of the country?
I'm also on the long sandwich divide, as Central Jersey goes with subs, heros, AND hoagies. (Hoagie Haven 4eva!) I love that Wisconsin also shares the New England-ism of calling a water fountain a bubbler (bubblah in the local parlance, really), and that you can track Floridians' Northeastern roots.  Of course Mary, merry and marry are three different things! And damn right, New York is the city, and always will be to me.

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