Thursday, June 13, 2013

A peace treaty. Of scarves.

How beautiful are these scarves? And pricey, which is why I won't be getting one anytime soon. But so, so pretty. Just ignore the zombie model who wants to wear beautiful textiles while eating your brains.
I draw this to your attention case you were taking notes on what to get me for my birthday/Christmas/Thursday.
The company's description is a little overwrought, but the concept is good, assuming they execute well: 
Each season, A PEACE TREATY travels to a particular region and seeks out local village artisans to re-define an accessory, designing limited edition pieces in style unique colorways. Each jewelry or scarf collection resuscitates ancient handmade textile and metalsmithing techniques that are at risk of extinction. Working with craftspeople in nine countries and injecting life and trade back into local economies, A PEACE TREATY employs artisans with above fair trade wages and invests in creating income generation opportunities for out-of-work artisans, disabled, widowed and marginalized women. A PEACE TREATY artisan projects and partnerships are situated in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and the US.
And this, in case you were wondering, is how I justify my rampant consumerism. 

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