Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hello from the chilly east coast! I flew into New York last week, slurped ramen and sake with friends, tried to stay warm in the blustery city, and then hopped a train to my parents'. The Hill was, as always, beautiful. But cold, so cold. Some of what we got up to:

Homebrew drinking. This was a delicious saison that was a bit sour.
Snowshoeing. Which is just like walking, but with more gear.
Checking on the maple syrup taps, frozen solid right now but soon to start flowing again in this week's thaw.
Firewood splitting. For fun, because, you know.
Pickle eating. This was my mom's first attempt at pickling, with lemon cucumbers from her summer garden. They were divine.
Running along the partially-frozen Delaware river. Stinking cold, stinking beautiful. We saw two bald eagles!
Now I'm back in the city for the week, facing meetings, more meetings, and some wintry mix. I also plan to eat all the pizza.

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